Winkeltje: The Little Shop

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Winkeltje: The Little Shop is all about building, decorating, and running your own old-world fantasy shop. Buy low, sell high – from nails and apples to swords and alchemic love potions. Impress your customers, craft items, and be the master of your very own shop.

Release Date: 22 April, 2022
Developer: Sassybot
Publisher: Sassybot
Genre: Casual, Indie, Simulation

Key Features:

– Decide the shop’s floor plan and where to place doors, windows, or archways.
– Increase the size of your store and make it more appealing, having all the items on sale.
– Combine different wall and floor tiles to your heart’s desire.
– Craft items at dedicated crafting stations, from tailor’s desk and forges to alchemy tables.
– Gain experience to craft higher quality items (and sell them for more!).
– Buy seeds, plant them, give them plenty of water (and love). Harvest the crops to sell in your store.
– Be careful about your home-grown produce. If they aren’t cared for, they might wither and die.


– OS: Mac OS X 10.9+
– Processor: i3
– Memory: 6 GB RAM
– Graphics: Intel HD 520
– Storage: 512 MB available space

Winkeltje: The Little Shop (2022) Mac Download Free Game for Mac OS X + Torrent!

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