Astrea: Six-Sided Oracles (v1.0.59)

Download Astrea: Six-Sided Oracles (v1.0.59) for Mac OS:

Astrea: Six-Sided Oracles is a DICE-deck-building roguelike that flips the script on deckbuilders by using dice instead of cards and an unique dual “damage” system: Purification vs Corruption. Build a dice pool strong enough to purify Astrea’s out-of-control corruption and save the Star System.

Release Date: September 2023
Developer: Little Leo Games
Publisher: Akupara Games
Genre: Casual, Indie, Strategy
Version: 1.0.59

Key Features:

◆ Dice instead of cards! Build a collection of dice to suit your style of play. There are more than 350 dice from three categories: very safe, perfectly balanced or incredibly risky. Of course, the higher the risk, the more valuable the dice.
◆ 20 upgradeable guards. Enchanted constructs, with which you can get additional dice rolls, will be reliable companions in the most difficult battle.
◆ Over 170 modifier gifts. Strengthen your oracle with unique passive skills with powerful effects that can completely change the way you play. You can choose between star gifts – passive effects of little power or black hole gifts – powerful passive effects that will cost you a lot to use.
◆ More than 20 random events. Find mysterious locations that will change your journey.
◆ Control your enemies and your destiny. Enemies attack with their dice, and you have the ability to influence them to change the course of the battle.
◆ 16 difficulty levels. You will have a unique experience thanks to the different difficulty levels. Test your abilities!

Minimum System Requirements:

– OS: MacOS 10.13+
– Processor: Intel Core i3
– Memory: 4 GB RAM
– Graphics: 1GB RAM, OpenGL 3.3
– Storage: 2 GB available space

Astrea: Six-Sided Oracles (2023) Mac OS Download Free Game for MacBook + Torrent!

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